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7 Reasons You Can Never Go Wrong with a Leather Jacket

Leather has been prized for its reliability and durability since ancient times, and is now nearly everyone's go-to outerwear. So, what makes leather jackets so popular? Why are they considered a cut above other outerwear?

Read on to learn why a leather jacket is the best item you can add to your wardrobe, if it isn’t a well-loved piece in your jacket collection already:


Undeniable Versatility

Leather jackets have a chic yet simple design that makes them perfect all year round. It's a common misconception that leather jackets are only appropriate for frigid winter months. Due to the exceptional warmth they provide, leather jackets are undeniably a great option for winter wear.

However, a major perk of leather jackets is that they can be worn anytime, anywhere. Wearing a leather jacket is always appropriate, regardless of the season. They're the one piece of clothing that works equally well for both casual and formal occasions.

As any biker will tell you, a leather jacket is the perfect way to put your own stamp on your ensemble. Add a few accessories with your leather jacket and you're ready to go from your daytime casual look to a glittering night out with your crew.

A person wearing a brown leather jacket.


Timeless Appeal

The timeless elegance of a leather jacket is one of the many reasons why it is all over clothing stores for men online and off. Leather jackets continue to be fashionable even as other trends come and go. They've been around for a little over a century, but unlike other kinds of outerwear, their popularity only grew during the ‘90s and all the way to 2022.

A leather jacket is a great investment if you're in the market for trendy outerwear that won't go out of style in a few seasons or even years. It’s also a great bargain since a good leather jacket will last you for years without looking antiquated.


Minimal Maintenance

As with any garment, leather jackets need to be cleaned and maintained. However, leather jacket maintenance is much simpler than that of other types of jackets. This is mainly because leather naturally resists the majority of substances that would otherwise leave a stain. If you spill a beverage on your leather jacket, you can quickly remove the stain by blotting it with a dry washcloth.

A close up of a leather jacket sleeve.


This bi-monthly conditioning is all that is required to keep a leather jacket in good condition. Leather needs to be conditioned with a leather moisturizing treatment such as saddle soap so it doesn’t dry out. Conditioning leather once every two to three months keeps it looking great and feeling soft for a long time.



This may come as a surprise, but leather jackets are actually hypoallergenic. When people wear coats and jackets manufactured using run-of-the-mill materials, they often develop an itchy feeling, inflammation, irritation, and other allergic reactions. This occurs as the person's body interprets the fabric as a threat and releases an immune response against the parts of skin that come into contact with it.

However, leather jackets don’t cause any skin reactions. When you shop for a leather jacket at Saulho, you can rest easy knowing that it is crafted with genuine leather, making it hypoallergenic and safe. Leather, like other hypoallergenic materials, is unlikely to trigger an allergic reaction in sensitive individuals. It's comfortable enough to wear for days on end without risking any irritation.


That Familiar Leather Scent

Another selling point for leather jackets is the pleasant scent they exude. Leather jackets created from real leather have a unique, cedar-like odor. It's not in your face or overpowering, but is still pleasant and gives leather jackets something special that you won't find anywhere else.

Note: The next time you go shopping for a leather jacket, remember that jackets manufactured with faux leather won't have this distinctive aroma. Only items crafted from authentic leather can give off this appealing odor.


A person wearing a black leather jacket.


Ages Gracefully

When properly cared for, a leather jacket can age and even improve with time, just like fine wine. Your leather jacket will feel much more comfortable and relaxed once you've worn it for a while and broken it in. The color of your leather jacket may also change slightly as the years go by.

Fortunately, this won't make a big difference to your jacket's overall look. Many people love their leather coats to have faded to a somewhat lighter shade. It shows that you’ve been wearing this piece of clothing for quite a while. That's the thing about genuine leather – it keeps getting better with time. 

However, if you want to maintain your jacket’s color, it's best to keep it out of direct sunlight and condition it regularly with a solution like saddle soap.


Gives You Warmth and Protection

Most of us like wearing a leather jacket to look cool, not feel cold. The weather is getting colder as we inch closer to the final quarter of 2022, with frost and snow falling in some areas. For those who find themselves in such climates, nothing beats the durability and warmth of a real leather jacket for keeping the chill at bay.

Leather, a durable material derived from the skin of an animal (usually a cow), is also known for its toughness and resilience. It is softer and more comfortable than most insulating fabrics while still providing excellent warmth. So, even if the winter weather is particularly harsh, a leather jacket will protect you from the cold.


Genuine Leather Jackets for Men

At Saulho, our online clothing store for men has a huge collection of jackets made with durable, genuine materials. Our trench coat-length leather jacket has all the appeal of the classic motorcycle-style combined with a sleek silhouette that compliments various body shapes.

Check out our collection today and make the most of our summer sale. Feel free to reach out to us with your comments and queries. Happy shopping!

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