A person with a messenger bag

The Different Types of Bags and When to Wear Them

Do you remember that episode on Friends when Rachel gives Joey a shoulder bag for an audition, but he loses the part because of the bag? Joey loves the bag but gives it up because he realizes the world isn’t ready for him and his “man bag, not a purse” as he likes to call it. Well, it’s 2022, and the world has finally embraced man bags—yes, plural—because they’re quite a few types out there.

The variety makes sense, too, because, sure, bags add major style points to your look; there’s no denying that. But, at the same time, bags are extremely functional too. And given that their function is to carry personal belongings, we can’t help but wonder why only one gender has been using them all this time.

Nonetheless, we’re glad men’s accessories stores are finally caught up and have given us quite a few genius creations (some have been around for decades but just weren’t used until recently).

So, here are the bags every man should own and use as a fashion statement.


A Messenger Bag for A Sophisticated Look

A person with a messenger bag


Today’s messenger bags are a modern variation of the bag carried by most messengers in New York back in the 1950s. And if there’s one thing designers today are pros at, it’s bringing ordinary vintage elements back, but in cooler ways.

The messenger bags are designed to be carried on the shoulder and carry most daily essentials like laptops, tablets, notepads, chargers, and so on. Also, since they’re usually leather, they definitely have a more sophisticated look and are perfect for work and formal meetings.


A Briefcase for The Workplace

: A person with a briefcase


If there’s one man bag that hasn’t received a lot of shade, it’s definitely the briefcase. It’s been around for decades or maybe even centuries now and has been deemed “acceptable” for just as long.

Also known as an attaché, the briefcase’s design has evolved significantly in the past few years; most new ones are sleek but still spacious and practical. These are the perfect bags that every man needs for professional settings.

Needless to say, they complete your look when you’re dressed in business attire.


A Backpack for Class, Work, and More

A blue and tanbackpack


Like briefcases, backpacks are largely accepted as man bags and have been so for a long time. Also, contrary to popular opinion, they can and are used beyond your student life.

However, backpack designs were treated as mere afterthoughts for the longest time. But not anymore. Today, a large variety of backpacks are available in all colors, sizes, patterns, and styles. The backpack you choose can be based on your usage. For instance, you could get a sleek black bag pack for a business-casual look or a funkier one for dance practice!


A Gym Bag for The Gym

A blue gym bag


As the name suggests, a gym bag is for the gym. It typically has one big compartment large enough for some clothes and shoes and smaller ones for other essentials.

Some gym bags may have two large compartments to separate dry and clean clothes from wet and dirty ones or a compartment specifically for shoes. It’s important to choose a gym bag made of light, water-proof material as that’s easier to carry and clean.


A Clutch Bag to Carry Essentials

: A black leather toiletry bag from Saulho


Many gym and travel bags don’t come with smaller compartments, so it might be a good idea to invest in a clutch bag or toiletry bag. These are typically smaller in size and easy to fit into larger bags.

So, for instance, for the gym, you can carry your soap, facewash, and deodorant in the clutch and keep them inside your gym bag while keeping it all separate from the wet clothes and in one place. On the other hand, a clutch bag could also come in handy during travel; you can put your passport and other important documents safely inside it.


A Duffel Bag for Traveling

Duffel bags were once known as sea bags, and marines and sailors used these to carry their luggage and equipment. These sea bags had a simple cylindrical design tied at the top with a drawstring. Even today, many duffel bags have a similar design and are used casually, even as gym bags.

However, there are also more sophisticated duffel bags, sometimes referred to as Weekender bags, used for travel. But these are sturdier and smarter as they’re made from leather.


A leather duffel bag


A Tote Bag for Everyday Use

There are different kinds of tote bags, and many have been used by women for decades now—as shopping bags or beach bags. However, the latest tote bags aren’t designed for specific genders and are very casually styled.

These are typically simple cloth bags with an open top with two long handles that can be carried on the shoulder. In recent years, they’ve become a huge part of the streetwear aesthetic and are usually used by younger generations.


A Cross-Body Bag for Convenience

A cross-body with daily essentials from Saulho


Cross-body bags are definitely the most practical item on this list. They’ve also been linked to the streetwear aesthetic for the longest time. However, with their growing popularity, designers are working hard to pair and promote them with all kinds of looks, including business-casual attire as well as sportswear.

As is obvious from the name, a cross-body bag goes across the body and is fairly mid-sized, meaning it’s bigger than a toiletry bag but definitely smaller than a typical bag pack. These are incredibly convenient for everyday outdoor use!

In case you’re wondering what these cross-body bags look like, here you go:

A blue cross-body bag from Saulho

This one’s available at Saulho’s as part of our latest collection of fashion accessories for men. We’re a men’s online clothing store with a wide range of clothes and accessories for men—check it all out!

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