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Which Men’s Underwear is Best for You?

Men's underwear can be far more interesting than the stereotypical white boxer brief. It's important to have this choice available, but there are many more options to discover and experiment with.

Below, we've compiled a list of the various types of underwear that we think every man should be familiar with for better fit and comfort.


Boxers for Breathability

Boxer shorts are the most breathable and least exposing underwear option for men who don't typically wear dress pants or skinny jeans. But there's a catch: boxers offer less support than briefs.

In recent years, this undergarment style has been given a more refined and gentlemanly update. While the most classic style features a loose cut and gathered, elasticated waist, many contemporary designers offer shorter, slimmer-cut alternatives with a stretch band waist that are suitable for guys with trimmer thighs.

One exception to wearing boxers is that if you have thicker thighs that rub together while you walk, you may find that your junk gets trapped in the crotch area. This can lead to excessive sweating and discomfort if you happen to be wearing pants.

These are the most comfortable and breathable underwear you can buy for a good night's sleep. Choose a pair that is made of 100% cotton and is either solid colored or has a trendy design while still maintaining a trim, fitted waistband.


Briefs for Everyday Wear

Forget the boxy, gender-stereotyping underwear your mom used to buy you – today's designer briefs are a whole other ballgame. There's a good reason why industrious sportsmen like David Beckham endorse them: they're the most comfortable option for men with thicker thighs. Underwear often bunches up during the day if you're wearing bigger trunks, which leads to rolls in the fabric that looks unsightly through slim-fitting trousers.

For guys who are on the shorter side, briefs are a smart choice since they allow more skin to show around the legs, making them look longer and the wearer look taller. More importantly, if you're a devoted cardio enthusiast, you'll love this cut since it provides exceptional support.

Choose a pair made of 100% cotton for casual wear but keep an eye out for training bottoms made of technology fabric that will wick sweat away from your skin. To avoid getting a rash, steer clear of synthetic materials.

A person wearing red briefs.


The angle at which the leg openings are cut varies between brands, so make sure you keep that in mind while shopping for men's briefs online. The way they fit may be affected by this. Since there is less fabric below the waistband, the bottoms themselves have less room in the rear.

This style is best for men with smaller posteriors or those who are consistently working out to tighten theirs. Briefs with a little extra fabric over the thigh area will give you greater coverage in the rear if you've been gifted with a larger posterior.

Trunks Offer a Flattering Fit

Shorter than boxer briefs, trunks have gained traction in the past several years thanks to the trend toward ultra-slim pant silhouettes. They usually rest somewhere between the middle and upper thigh in terms of length.

While some have a keyhole fly, the majority are flat fronted and may feature a pouch. This style is better for guys with narrower thighs than average because the pants sit closer to the body than boxer-briefs and the fabric usually has more stretch than other underwear.

 A person wearing boxers.

Tight-fitting trunks are also beneficial for men with thinner legs since they conceal any extra fabric around the thighs. Try to find a pair that cuts in half across your thighs' broadest part. This will draw attention to your thighs and give the impression that your legs are thicker and more muscular. This cut is also more low-rise than boxer-briefs, so they sit lower on the hips – ideal if you've working extra hard on getting that six-pack.


Boxer-briefs Provide Utmost Comfort

Boxer-briefs are a type of underwear that take the form of boxer shorts but are made from tighter-fitting jersey fabric. There has been a rise in popularity in men’s boxer briefs online, as more people have started preferring leaner cuts in men's clothing. This is the most adaptable style available since it provides all the support of briefs while still skimming over the wearer's thighs.

The length of boxer-briefs goes from the middle to the bottom of the thigh, and they typically have a fly with buttons. Due to the extra fabric in the leg area, boxer shorts are a wonderful alternative to briefs for guys with thicker thighs. They also reduce irritation from chafing. So, if you want to avoid unsightly bunching under your pants, select a pair that is a bit longer than you need and isn't too tight.

Men with more storage space in their nether regions benefit greatly from wearing boxer-briefs. Those with larger rear ends may discover that briefs don't offer sufficient coverage, while boxers may not be a good fit since the waistband is too loose. Boxer-briefs provide the ideal compromise with their snug fit and comfortable stretch across the thighs. If you’re looking for comfortable boxer-briefs online, check out our collection.

A jockstrap.

Jockstraps for the Sporty Types

Jockstraps do for men what Spanx does for women. The age-old debate over which style of underwear is better, boxers or briefs, ignores a viable third option. Invented in the late 19th century, the modern-day version of the men's jockstrap features a front pouch designed to draw attention to the wearer's endowments and elastic straps that raise the wearer's behind.

Jockstraps are commonly used by cyclists who are concerned about their privates getting roughed up on rocky trails. The constant bouncing around on the saddle when cycling is not only unpleasant but can also lead to issues like cysts and infections.

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