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4 Types of T-Shirts and How to Style Them

T-shirts have come a long way since they were invented and embraced in the early nineteenth century. The United States Navy is credited with popularizing this item of clothing by providing each sailor with a buttoned-down version to wear under his uniform.

The T-shirt has since become a cultural icon, undergoing several transformations to adapt to changing fashion trends and social contexts. The way we view T-shirts has changed throughout time as well. Today, men wear T-shirt styles for reasons beyond just practicality. The difference between looking sloppy or stunning, carefree or casual-chic, is often as simple as picking the proper T-shirt to go with your outfit and the event.

T-shirts are a staple in most men's wardrobes, so let's talk about the different kinds available and how to style them, so you look and feel great.


Factors to Consider While Choosing Different Types of Shirts

Several factors influence what we call different kinds of T-shirts. A t-shirt's name could refer to anything from the neckline and fit, the sleeve length, and the fabric used in its manufacturing. Every type of shirt has a unique purpose and looks fantastic in its own right. Let's explore the most important factors that set different types of t-shirts apart:


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T-shirts can be found with a wide variety of necklines. The most popular ones are V-necks and crew necks. The term "crew neck" also refers to a rounded neck. One interesting subset of the crew neck family is the waffle crew neck, which is a slight but noticeable deviation from the standard. Other types of crew necks include polo t-shirts, which resemble a dress shirt in style. There are three main types of collared t-shirts: standard collar, fold-down collar, and Chinese collar.



Men's tees come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. There are standard, regular-fit t-shirts that look great with jeans and other pants for men. High-rise tees feature a unique hemline that draws attention to your upper body. If you're going for a chill streetwear look with some vintage baggy trousers, an oversized t-shirt is the way to go.


Sleeve Measurement

Sleeve lengths might vary from shirt to shirt, even among the same brand. T-shirts with long sleeves look great with slim pants. They keep your arms toasty in the winter and offer full protection from the elements, meaning no more unsightly tan lines around the sleeves! T-shirts with short sleeves look great with any pant length, from shorts to three-quarters to ankle-length jeans. It's also a good idea to wear shorts with a sleeveless shirt, often known as a tank top, during the warmer months.


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How to Style Different Tees

Now that you know what sets different t-shirts apart, let's find out how you can style different tees depending on the occasion, your body type, or the features you want to accentuate.


Crewneck or Standard T-Shirt

Crew neck tees, sometimes known as classic or "standard Ts" are known for their versatility. These tees have a rounded, circular neckline that sits just above the collarbone. Their versatility as both underwear and outerwear is remarkable.

A basic T-shirt on its own will draw attention to your body's natural charm and shape. Wearing a simple black T-shirt will help you look more slender, while donning a white one can make your upper body look heavier. T-shirts in neutral colors look good on people of all skin tones and body shapes, but when it comes to the office or more formal events, it's best to go with the grain of caution and wear something darker.

Men of all ages rock both the untucked and tucked-in looks when it comes to T-shirt tucking. You can easily fix a slightly baggy T-shirt by tucking it in. But if your jeans aren't as baggy as your shirt, you can balance out your figure by leaving them untucked.


Polo Shirts

Originally designed to offer golfers a more polished appearance on the course, polo shirts quickly gained widespread popularity for other reasons. Polo shirts are popular among tennis players because their high-quality cloth wicks away sweat without compromising their classy look.


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At Saulho, our polo shirts follow the same moisture-absorbing, sweat-wicking technology that people everywhere know and love. Our shirts' thin yet sturdy fabric and silky feel make sure you stay breezy and cool all day long.

These days, everyone wears a polo shirt as a "formal" alternative to the T-shirt, and many choose to wear a thin-fabric T-shirt underneath it to keep it dry and wrinkle-free. To pull this off fashionably, you can either wear complementary colors or a deep but not prominent V-neck.


Graphic Tee

Graphic tees or t-shirts with designs printed on them are a popular option for casual wear. You can find them in a wide range of sizes and necklines to best display your hobbies and passions. In the entertainment industries, graphic shirts have become a fashion staple, often including images of classic movie posters or album covers. Interestingly enough, the first-ever graphic T-shirt made its debut in The Wizard of Oz.


Slim Fit

Some tees are cut in a way that draws attention to your figure, while others are made to make you look slimmer. In fact, slim-fit T-shirts are made specifically for the latter purpose, with a snug, form-hugging silhouette. They're also quite useful because a slim-fit T-shirt can be worn underneath another shirt to help it fit more comfortably. You'll find a huge collection of slim-fit t-shirts at Saulho, from alluring black mesh shirts to fun printed t-shirts that hug your arms in all the right places.

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