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How to Prevent Jock Itch While Running or Working Out

While exercise has many positive health effects, it also raises the possibility of developing a fungal infection. Tinea cruris, the fungus responsible for athlete's foot, also causes chafing, ringworm, and jock itch. In case you haven't had jock itch or ringworm before, let us tell you: it is very annoying since it gives you an irritating, red ring-shaped rash.

The ideal approach would obviously be to ward off the problem before it occurs. Read on to find out more about this skin infection and how a pair of comfortable boxer briefs can prevent it.


What is Jock Itch?

Tinea cruris is a fungal skin infection more popularly known as jock itch. It's a type of ringworm that thrives in damp, warm areas ofyour body. Even though these fungi are usually harmless, they can lead to infections if given the right conditions (warm and damp) to develop and spread. This is why the inner thighs, buttocks, and groin are the most common areas where jock itch appears.

The infected area will develop a rash that may itch or burn. Infected areas often look red, scaly, or crusty on lighter skin. The rash can take on a grayish or brownish hue on people with darker skin.

This skin ailment is more common in people who sweat excessively, are overweight, or have eczema. Its name comes from the fact that it primarily affects male athletes. However, you don't have to be male or an athlete to get jock itch.

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Jock itch is irritating, but it's usually just a light infection. It's important to get treatment immediately to lessen its symptoms' severity and prevent the disease from spreading. Topical antifungal drugs and maintaining a clean, dry environment around the affected area are usually all that areneeded to bring relief.

It's easy to avoid getting jock itch or ringworm no matter what type of exercise or sport you participate in.Luckily, wearing the right underwear can prevent this skin infection:


How to Choose the Right Underwear

Moisture buildup, chafing, and a lack of adequate personal hygiene in that area all lead to jock itch. It's important to wear underwear that is made with the right material and fits properly. Here are some tips on choosing the right underwear:


Regularly wash your underwear

You can consider this a general rule to follow. Underwear should be washed at least once a week. However, if you go to the gym regularly, you should wash it after every wear.


Wear breathable underwear

Extremely tight underwear increases your chances of getting a rash, so you should opt for something tight-fitting but still breathable. Don't wear underwear that pinches or chafes in the crotch area. Instead, give your lads some breathing room.



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Use underwear that wicks away sweat

To avoid developing jock itch, wearing underwear made from high-quality materials is important. Choosing wicking materials and technology prevents moisture from sticking to your skin. Saulho'scomfortable boxer briefs are the best for this purpose. Men's underwear is our specialty, and we carry a wide selection to accommodate the wide variety of daily issues men face.


Choose high-quality underwear fabric

Some materials used in men's underwear aim to reduce skin-on-skin friction. Thisis why it isn't hard to find underwear made of soft, breathable materials that won't irritate your skin. We use fabrics like lycra, and stretchy cotton in our boxer briefs and trunks since these materials are ideal for preventing chafing/jock itch.They move with your body without restricting movement, and their smooth, silky texture feels great on the skin.


Types of Anti-Chafing Athletic Underwear

Quality sports underwear will stretch and move with you, rather than restricting your motion. You'll be more at ease participating in whatever sports and activities you want when you're wearing the right underwear.


Briefs designed for runners

Chafing often occurs while running and during other high-intensity activities. You're setting yourself up for a rash if your legs constantly rub against each other. This may not be a problem for people with smaller legs since less surface area is involved. However, the larger your thigh and leg area, the greater your risk of getting jock itch or chafing.

Wearing moisture-repellent underwear, such as synthetics (often polyester) or the cotton-spandex blend used in our comfortable boxer briefs, is the most effective method for preventing thigh chafing. This makes sure your underwear doesn't become damp and remains in place better without dragging on your skin. Moreover, the snug fit of this material ensures that your underwear will always be in sync with your every move. It keeps friction low, which is exactly what we want.


Underwear designed for cycling

The most frustrating thing for cyclists is a rash or frictional burn in the groin area.  Not only does this hurt while you're riding, but the recovery time also prevents you from getting back on the bike for a few days.

Most cyclists have experienced chafing at some point in their lives due to the frequent rubbing and movement of their seats against one of their most sensitive body parts. Men, in particular, have many obstacles to navigate since their vital organs hang precariously close to the action.

Stretchy underwear can help with a lot of these issues. Since the material presses on the seat instead of your skin, you won't need to worry about getting a rash.


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Workout underwear

Your workout routine will require you to switch between various postures and movements. Your workout can consist of everything from lunges to deadlifts to jumps. For men, this can be troublesome because their scrotum follows their every action and can become trapped in awkward positions. This requires constant readjusting and can be very painful and uncomfortable.

Most pairs of underwear simply bunch up in the crotch area, and the compression doesn't offer comfort. This is why Saulho's high-quality lycra trunks feature a faux leather pouch that further separates your thighs.

If your scrotum isn't in the way, your legs are free to roam around as they choose. This pouch's support ensures that your groin receives less strain during weightlifting. Without it, your body would have to raise both the weights and your scrotum, which is much more work than just lifting the weights.

We have the ideal underwear for preventing this skin infection at Saulho. Our comfortable boxer briefs are made with stretchy cotton and spandex, while our premium lycra trunks fit perfectly without restricting any movement.

Visit our men's online clothing store today to shop for a pair or contact us for more information.

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