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How to Stay Cool this Summer: Accessories Edition

While the winter months let you play around with layers, summer is perfect for piling on the accessories. When temperatures spike, you'll see every man and his son wearing the basic cotton tee, shorts, and white sneakers. However, with our curated selection of summer's must-have accessories, you can break away from the herd mentality and step up your outfits and your fashion game.

Most men find it easier to experiment with different styles during the cooler months. Many of us have always found comfort in throwing on layers to add texture and color to our outfits. There's also the fact that the summer heat makes it impossible to layer, and stripping down to the bare essentials leaves little room for creativity.

But that's where you're mistaken. Your breezy basics are the perfect base to start building on with accessories. Rather than counting on a few inches of fabric, a few well-placed accessories can do wonders for your outfit. Summer is the time to sport bold sunglasses, colorful bandanas, featherweight fans, and other lighter, more comfortable accessories.

Want to look and feel good in your outfits without having to pack on layers? Here are some fashion accessories for men that take any simple outfit to a whole new level:

A person wearing a red bandana with a black outfit.



Wearing a bandana as a scarf is a bold fashion choice that will make any outfit stand out. Since a bandana can be tied in a variety of ways, you can have a lot of fun trying out new styles and combinations.

You can't just throw on a bandana and hope it looks well – you have to be comfortable with it to make it work. The goal is to give your outfit color or an eye-catching, distinguishing feature. In a flash, a bandana can transform an otherwise boring outfit into something special.

If you want to try it, wear one as a statement piece and keep the rest of your clothes simple. Tying one loosely around your neck is a great way to add polish to an off-duty outfit, whether you're wearing a crew-neck sweater or a fitted shirt and pants. Bandanas can make an otherwise casual outfit seem stuffy, but finishing with a pair of white sneakers is a great way to balance that effect.


A black cross-body bag.


Cross-Body Bag

You can't go to this summer's festivals without the humble chest bag, the travel essentials you need to add to your luggage collection this summer. Among the many reasons why this type of bag continues to be popular no matter the season is that it offers comfort, convenience, and durability in one. 

A cross-body carrier works better than a stylish backpack since it spreads the weight across your body more evenly, so you don't feel weighed down. There's also the fact that you can access your belongings quickly by just swinging the bag around to the front.

While a nylon, waterproof body would be the better option in terms of both style and functionality, the cotton canvas alternatives are just as practical and help reduce the use of unnecessary plastic bags. They're also a cut above the typical nylon bag in style. At Saulho, we have them in different colors – from light gray to deep red—to match your aesthetic style.

A dark neutral color will go better with more of your wardrobe, especially for more dressed-down occasions. A printed blouse and some well-fitting pants will do the trick for a laid-back outfit that works equally well for a relaxing, scenic hike or a long day at the office. One of the most useful features of a large carry bag is that it can hold everything you need, be it essentials for traveling or work.


 A pair of cycling sunglasses.


Sunglasses are a classic summer accessory that you can never have enough of. Initially designed to shield your eyes from harmful UV rays, they have since evolved into fashion accessories for men.

Today's sunglasses stay true to their original purpose while also offering a stylish addition to a bland outfit. Many people own more than one set of eyewear, so they can always find the perfect pair depending on the event, outfit, and mood!

Sunglasses are one of those accessories that will always be in style, so it's worth investing in a quality pair. You don't have to spend a fortune, but you should invest some time into finding out which sunglasses complement your face shape and style.

You should have at least one pair of classic statement sunglasses, such as aviators or cycling sunglasses with polarized lenses, even if you don't use sunglasses very often. These shades are a must-have for any outdoor activity, whether you're getting ready to join your friends for a day of cycling or sunbathing on the beach.


Bamboo Fan

The dog days of summer are here, and while they won't last forever, you'll want to keep cool until the season ends. When you find yourself in sweltering heat with no air-conditioned places nearby, you'll be glad you have this accessory at hand.

Bamboo fans are the most underappreciated but crucial piece of summer gear. They come in many different colors, patterns, and sizes, so you won't have a problem finding one that fits your personal style. They are lightweight and compact, making them ideal for travel and daily use. In fact, Saulho offers the best pride-themed fans, and they're on sale!

Our fashion accessories for men include cross-body bags, toiletries bags, cycling sunglasses, bandanas in different colors, fans, and much more. Our online clothing store for men has everything you need to build the perfect summer wardrobe. Looking for a sweat-absorbing silk polo shirt that keeps you cool all day long? Or perhaps you need comfy slippers to complete your summer outfit? We have you sorted for all your needs.

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