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The Men’s Guide to Shoes for Every Season

Shoes are more than just a necessity; they’re often a style statement. Your outfit could be well thought-out and glamorous, but it could all fall apart if you wear the wrong shoes. Moreover, any shoe you choose needs to offer comfort along with style—any shoe choice that makes you compromise on one or the other isn’t the perfect choice for you.

But if you’re a guy, you’re in luck because if there’s one men’s accessory that’s given ample attention, it’s definitely shoes. In fact, there are so many options to choose from when exploring shoes in men’s accessories while online shopping that it can be quite overwhelming to take your pick.

There are shoes in every style and color for different occasions and seasons. We suggest making the choice easier by categorizing the shoe types according to seasons.

Here’s how you can go about it.


Shoes for Fall/ Winter

When it comes to shoes for winter, the basic requirement is warmth. However, given the fascinating possibilities of winter fashion, it’s a good idea to invest in shoes that are also style goals.

Here are a few options:


Lug Boots

Lug boots are sturdy and durable, but they also have a classic appeal, making them the perfect fashion statement. They’re especially great for the snow season, thanks to the lug sole that provides traction and keeps you from slipping.

They look great with casual jeans or even with most semi-formal attires. You can also pair them with a leather jacket to complete the look.


Hiker Boots

 A person wearing hiker boots outdoors


Like lug boots, hiker boots are also great for outdoors—which is obvious from the name as well. They look smart and are both flexible and comfortable, making them a must for athletes or anyone who’s into more outdoorsy pursuits.

One reason they’re so comfortable is that they’re cushioned from the inside, which essentially means they can keep your feet pretty warm too! Therefore, this is a must for your winter wardrobe—try pairing them with some nice cardigans for a more formal look!



Loafers are a must-have for the classic fall look—they’re trendy, fun, and very easy to style. They’re also pretty convenient because they’re slip-ons, so you don’t have to fumble around with unnecessary shoelaces.

The classic design with clean lines gives a preppy look that works perfectly with jeans and shorts. And if you really want to go preppy, a polo shirt is a must-wear with your loafers. Also, you might want to skip the socks, but that means you should try this look early during fall and exchange the loafers for something warmer during the cold winters.


Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots are as versatile as boots get. They work with everything from formal suits to casual jeans and T-shirts. They’re quite the fashion statement, too, given their sleek look and clean lines.

In general, they’re designed to be final touches to well-put-together outfits, and you’re sure to find a pair that’s in line with your personal style.



If you’re not really into boots but need shoes that you can work in with different winter styles, both casual and formal, then the Oxford is your answer.

They offer the comfort of sneakers and a style quotient of formal dress shoes—they’re a must-have. Whether you’re wearing chinos, jeans, or suit pants, oxfords will work with just about any look, and they’re timeless so that you can pull them out during winters for years.


Shoes for Spring/Summer

With summer shoes, you have many choices even without the fashionable winter boots. Because technically, you can wear just about any shoe that you’re comfortable in and one that works with your outfit. There’s no snow to slip on or winter coats to match your shoes, so here are some must-haves for your summer closet.



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You don’t have to be a complete sneakerhead to own multiple sneakers, just invest in the sneakers you find smart and comfortable. Maybe you’ll come across a few collectibles that are obviously keepers, but even regular ones are cool and convenient.

If you’re unsure what sneakers you need, start by buying some white ones. Everyone on the planet currently seems to own a pair of those, and somehow, they seem to work with every outfit.  


White sneakers from Saulho


Slip-On Sneakers

Some slip-on sneakers are a great idea if you’d like to take your sneaker game to the next level. They’re convenient and comfortable but also ultra-sleek, making them the perfect fit whether you’re out running chores or headed out for an evening date.

Also, because they’ve become so popular lately, you’ll find them in almost every color and material!


Casual Derby Shoes

A casual derby is your go-to shoe if you need something casual but also dressy. It’s lightweight and comfortable therefore giving the feel of a classic sneaker, but at the same time, it’s trendy enough to work with a semi-formal outfit.

They’re also the perfect shoes for warmer weather and can look really great with chino shorts and light-washed denim.


Flip Flops

Summers are all about hitting the beach and enjoying poolside parties, and you can’t wear your trendy sneakers or dressy Derbys to these places—water will ruin them. This is why you need some good old-school flip-flops for the summer.

Flip-flops are quite easily the most common shoe wear option for both men and women, and you can find them in a million designs and styles. They’re perfect for everyday use, both indoors and outdoors.

If you want some flip-flops that are comfortable but stylish enough to rock at parties, you should look at these summer flip-flops online. They’re available in different colors and look pretty cool.

Flip flops from Saulho


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