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Find Your Style: 9 Different Aesthetics for Men and How to Achieve Them

You’ve probably come across the term aesthetics a lot lately. It’s mostly used to refer to attributes of something that can be considered beautiful or artistic. But lately, we’ve seen the word used in many different contexts, especially in the fashion world.

A lot of fashion experts describe an outfit’s overall appeal by using the word aesthetics. If we were to dive deeper into it, we’d say that a clothing article’s design and style, plus its fit, and the way every individual chooses to style it, is it's aesthetic. And this essentially means that there are infinite aesthetics, so how do you find yours?

Well, while there may be countless aesthetics, some have become more popular than others, and exploring a few different ones might be a great place to start! This will also allow you to experiment and explore men’s fashion clothes online that are different from your usual style.


1. Monochrome—Simple and Easy but Still Classy

You’ll probably see the monochrome aesthetic a lot because it’s the simplest and safest of options. It just means dressing up in one solid, possibly muted color—top to bottom. Simple to nail, right?

And the incredible thing about this aesthetic is that despite the very little effort and thought that goes into it, it looks very sleek, and there’s zero room for mistakes.

Pro Tip: If you want to add a little more character to your look without messing up the monochrome aesthetics, go with different hues of the same color.


2. Streetwear—The Easiest to Adopt

Streetwear is an interesting one because, for the older generations, it would be a foreign concept, but for the younger ones, it’s basically their everyday wardrobe. It usually consists of skinny jeans that are a bit long and stacking at the ankles, flashy T-shirts, and some cool sneakers.

Alternatively, streetwear could also be super-loose jeans with a hoodie. You can add further layers to it by adding a denim jacket and a nice belt. It’s one of the easiest aesthetics and works for most people.


3. Cottagecore—For Some Old-World Charm

Cottagecore is definitely one of our favorites, and it’s also popular with girls. It’s for guys looking to adopt some softer, old-school vibes. It can be achieved with some loose-fitted corduroys with a button-up that’s also loosely fitted. Or you can opt for some cute overalls—or plaid pants and suspenders!

The cottagecore aesthetic is outdoorsy, cute, and extremely charming. But that being said, you might have to experiment around to see if it works for you.

Pro Tip: If you’ve got some soft curls, you’re all set to rock the cottagecore aesthetic!


4. Gothic—It’s More Than Just Wearing Black

The gothic aesthetic doesn’t deserve the underrated reputation it has. It looks pretty cool and isn’t too hard to pull off. Also, contrary to popular opinion, gothic doesn’t mean dressing up in all black only; it has more to it.

To go gothic with style, you can wear all black, but don’t forget to layer and accessorize. The layers are what will add style to your gothic look. Also, it’s not necessary to go all black—you can also work in some other deep colors.


5. Biker—Outdoorsy and Rugged

The biker aesthetic is one of the coolest, and we think everyone needs to try it at least once. It’s outdoorsy and rugged but also fashionable, making you look tough and confident.

Also, everything you need for this aesthetic is probably already there in your closet. Look for some ripped black jeans, some chains, a plain white T-shirt, and of course, a leather jacket.


6. Skater Boy—For the Ultimate Chilled-Out Look

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The skater boy aesthetic is probably where the streetwear aesthetic came from because there are a lot of similarities here. The one difference, though, that’s obvious is that this one’s more laid-back.

At its very core, the skater boy aesthetic is meant to be a comfortable fit that allows easy movement. So, you can wear a basic T-shirt, preferably graphic, cargo pants or shorts, and a baseball cap.

And guess what, you can still go for this even if you’ve never skated!


7. Athletic—A Cool and Comfy Approach

Want to always look like you’re going to the gym? Embrace the athletic aesthetic. It’s comfortable, yet it looks very well put together. And the great thing is it doesn’t take too much thought or effort. All you’d need is some sweatpants, a regular monochrome T-shirt, a bomber or varsity jacket, and maybe a cap.

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Clothing options that support the athletic aesthetic are also known as athleisure, and these have been getting extremely popular lately mainly because they lie in pretty much everyone’s comfort zone.


8. Preppy—To Bring Out the Playful Side

The preppy aesthetic is well-known for all the wrong reasons, but the notorious aspects of it all don’t have anything to do with the fashion side of it. It may have started with snobby, upper-class kids, but the aesthetics are all-inclusive and look great on everyone!

A preppy aesthetic is typically defined by neat lines and stripes, pastels, old-school cuts, and charming but subtle accessories. It’s very close to the cottagecore aesthetic we talked about earlier but has its own preppy charm.


9. Vibrant—For the Best Self-Expression

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If you love expressing yourself through your style and fashion, the vibrant aesthetic is for you to embrace. It gives you the freedom to add bold and bright colors to your look along with occasional patterns and textures—you can even play around with geometrical patterns!

If you really want to go vibrant, you can also go monochrome, but with a neon color from top to bottom! It’s super fun and playful and definitely lets your personality shine through.

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